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Scrappys Metal Recycling Pty Ltd

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Beginning in 2011, Scrappys has grown to be one of the largest scrap metal dealers in Melbourne. Processing tonnes of material in Australia every month, Scrappys Metal Recycling Pty Ltd has grown its reputation for customer satisfaction, remuneration, service and high quality materials. Scrappys have the capacity to cover collection of recyclable metals from both private customers and small scale business owners, through to large scale building sites/factories and large multinational company sites. Whatever the needs, Scrappys Metal Recycling Pty Ltd are in a position to service many facets of the market.

Having produced a very simple website several years ago, the company was ready to to start to take full advantage of everything that the internet can offer. They commissioned two websites built on WordPress platforms, combined with new Zimbra email collaboration and a live connection for future email marketing.
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