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Build an Agile and Flexible Datacentre via Virtualisation

Turn your datacentre into a flexible cloud infrastructure with the performance and reliability to run the most demanding enterprise applications with the platform trusted by the top datacentres worldwide. Leverage existing assets and applications while offering self-service deployment and provisioning through virtualisation. Create a private cloud and deliver IT infrastructure as an easily accessible service.

Deliver IT as a service, when and where needed, while reducing capital and operating costs. Reduce power needs while freeing your IT staff from mundane administrative tasks so they can focus on innovative solutions to your changing business needs.

Virtualisation has dramatically reduced IT costs while greatly improving efficiency. Now business units need rapid access to IT resources to support faster time-to-market for projects. IT needs to deliver this while ensuring that the datacentre is fully managed and secured. The VMware vCloud Suite is a complete, integrated cloud infrastructure solution that simplifies IT operations while delivering the best SLAs for all applications. It helps realise the agility, efficiency and intelligent operations management of cloud computing.

What is Virtualisation?

Virtualisation addresses ITs most pressing challenge; the infrastructure sprawl that compels IT departments to channel 70% of their budget into maintenance, leaving scant resources for business-building innovation.

The difficulty stems from the architecture of today’s X86 computers as they are designed to run just one operating system and application at a time. As a result, even small datacentres have to deploy many servers, each operating at just 5% to 15% of capacity – highly inefficient by any standard.

Virtualisation software solves the problem by enabling several operating systems and applications to run on one physical server or ‘host’. Each self-contained ‘virtual machine’ is isolated from the others and uses as much of the host’s computing resources as it requires.

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