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Web Strategy

Whether you have a single page website full of text or an animated corporate content managed web creation, there is only one question to ask. Is it performing? Performance is defined as ‘an action or proceeding of an unusual or spectacular kind’.

Developing a solid strategy for your website implementation is essential. Whether this is your first website or your tenth, having a plan with clear and achievable expectations will help ensure a better result with higher satisfaction all round. The team at WebSetGo will work with you to keep you on track.

Primary Focus

Define Objectives

Clarify Expectations

Determine Audience

Maintain Attention

So how do you attract people to the website and maintain their interest and capture their ‘ready state’?

We say, these goals are fulfilled by taking the following actions:

  • Examine your clients needs and motivations
  • Design the website content for search engines
  • Optimise the website construction for search engines
  • Maximise external website links for search engines
  • Design the look and feel matches clients expectations
  • Place appropriate mechanisms to capture clients ‘ready state’
  • Drive interest using online and offline activity

By taking these actions, you are far more than optimising your site for search engines. You are enhancing and maximising the potential performance of your website. You are ensuring that your business is best placed to take full advantage of any enquiry on the internet.

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