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Search Engine Optimisation

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation is often referred to as ‘SEO’ and it is the process of attempting to force a website to list closer to the top within the result of searching on the internet.

Search engines have been established to allow users of the internet to search for an unbiased representation of web pages that are related to the topic being searched. The result however, is not quite unbiased. It is ordered in accordance to the algorithms and judgements of the search engine owner; for the most part this is Google. Google do their best to automatically provide you a list of results which should represent the leaders in the field searched and use complex calculations to determine these leaders.

Search engine optimisation is the practice of knowing these calculations and ensuring a website or webpage is meeting and taking advantage of this criteria used in the search engine calculations. Some of the criteria used in the calculation is present within the content or construction of the page. Search engines also look out across the internet and view how your site is related to others. These calculations are highly complicated, involving work within the content and construction of the page and out across the internet.

Search engines are also improving their algorithms continuously ensuring people are not forcing the system. They look for natural writing techniques, reliable code, referrals for like industries and a raft of other criteria. The goal posts are always changing and are also not public information.

Optimisation is a continual process and is about building your online reputation as a leader in your industry.

When choosing a company to work on your website SEO, we recommend you follow the process below:

  • Obtain an independent site analysis
  • Eliminate all code and construction errors
  • Choose a few keywords/phrases based on your best products or services
  • Work in a structured way to maximise your best products or services
  • Support your online activity with offline and email activity
  • Regularly calculate your costs per sale

Search engine optimisation activity is divided into two main streams. As the designers and developers, we mainly focus on the ‘on’ page work. This ensures your website is maximised to take full advantage of a complete optimisation package after launch.

On Page Optimisation

Off Page Optimisation

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