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Online Advertising

Online advertising, as the name suggests, is paid advertising on the Internet. Internet based advertising has now become a very large industry in its own right with A$620 million being spent in 2005 in Australia alone (Source: Audit Bureau of Circulation). In the US, Internet advertising ballooned to A$17.6 billion in 2005.

The beauty of Internet marketing and the new technology that has been created by the likes of Google, is that any business can spend money on targeted advertising and monitor the performance of that investment. Advertising and content has become accountable. It can be changed instantly and new results monitored. This has its own problems. But as you can tell already, advertising is no longer locked into an annual unchangeable commitment.

What Is The Difference?

Because the most adopted form of paid advertising is Google which are also a free search engine, people often get confused between paid advertising and optimisation. Lets get clear, optimisation is the organic result of your websites online reputation as a leader in your field or industry. It comes from slow work and improvement. Paid advertising is immediate because you’re paying. The more you pay the higher you are listed on the page resulting in more clicks you can expect each day. The paid advertising is still related to search terms, phrases and words. These are simply linked to a set of advertisements and displayed when triggered.

  • Payment required
  • No work required on website
  • Instant results
  • Location targeted
  • Keyword targeted
  • Spend & results controlled
  • Switch On/Off
  • No payment required
  • Work required on website
  • Work required off website
  • Slow growing results
  • Keyword targeted
  • Always on

Google Adwords

Google AdWords is by far the dominant force in Pay Per Click advertising. Primarily they are the small ads featured on the right hand side or top and bottom of Google search results. Used correctly, Google AdWords can provide fantastic value for money and also accurate targeting of your advertising dollar and customer style.

Gaining the most out of Google AdWords is a highly technical skill and one that requires devoted attention. The team from WebSetGo has consistently achieved strong results whilst using the minimum possible budget. In some cases we have actually halved our clients Google ad spend whilst retaining the same sales performance.

Google isn’t the only paid advertising which we also leverage results using:

Pay Per Click

Search Engine Marketing

Display Advertising

YouTube Advertising

Google Shopping Advertising
We know that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. That’s why we offer a range of pay per click solutions to cater for every business including Adwords management, display advertising, YouTube advertising, remarketing, Yahoo/Bing sponsored searches and many more.
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