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What is eCommerce?

Electronic commerce is a rather broad topic. As the name suggests, it is commerce or business, by electronic means. That does not exclusively mean business done on the Internet. Nonetheless, as a web design company, we will stick to what we know and focus on eCommerce and its relationship with the Internet.

eCommerce has changed the world. An enormous statement no doubt, but the evidence is resounding. Prior to the Internet boom of the late 90s, the Internet, or World Wide Web, was really just a huge information resource – ‘the information super-highway’. Business people however, soon began to foresee the immense possibilities of doing business online. Money began to pour into the development of these hubs for business, or eCommerce websites as we know them now.

Why eCommerce?

So, why does eCommerce matter to a start-up or small to medium business like yours? One word: money. Small to medium businesses do not have much money to spend on increasing their market through expensive advertising. Nor do they have much money to spend on hiring additional salespeople or opening new stores to sell their products and services in multiple geographic locations. With an eCommerce website however, you can achieve all these things with a return on investment that blows out any other form of marketing. But an eCommerce website is more than just marketing. It is a sales channel. It is your store, or salesperson, to the world!

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