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What is Website Graphic Design?

Graphic design is creative and combines art and technology to visually communicate ideas. Although a creative process, designer works within strict parameters that are defined by your brand message. Our designers are experienced with online technology and work within these constraints to get the best results for our clients. The combine elements including photographs, typography, icons, text blocks and colour to dramatically improve the websites ability to engage with people.

Ensure you website captures the imagination of it’s viewers. Quickly communicating the right message with imaginative bold and precise graphic design tailored to your brand.

Over 20 Years Experience

When we started business 1992 the internet was not a commercially viable, our cameras used film and mobile phone was as big as a briefcase. However, our primary work was graphic design. Specializing in brand development, complicated packaging and highly technical production we gained a reputation throughout Melbourne for our ability and talent. Our work has included magazine layout, logos, typeface design, packaging, concepts, advertising, posters and digital retouching. By 2006 our graphic design portfolio was comprehensive and we had worked with many leading Australian organisations.

Our vast experience with traditional design we progressed naturally into the web space. All our clients today reply on us to provide the graphic artwork for their websites. That said, this doesn’t always mean that we produce all the artwork by hand. We are experienced art and creative directors. We often employ specific people with diverse backgrounds and talents which enables our team to produce outstanding results for a wide range of clients in different industries.

Online is Different

Graphic design for the web is very different to design for print or other forms of publishing. We specialise in professional website graphic design for all forms of online presentations ranging from websites to email marketing, online advertising and Intranet systems. For many clients, particularly those that are predominantly web-based businesses, we are also responsible for the development of the visual representation of their entire brand including their logo, letterhead, brochure and other ‘offline’ publishing.

BYO Designers

For many projects, particularly for organisations with a well established brand identity and an existing graphic design style-guide, our designers will work with your existing team to ensure the website graphic design is consistent with your established brand guidelines. Alternatively, if you are launching a new brand or business and would like to engage a specialist to define all your brand visuals, we can recommend several that we work with regularly.

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