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Referral Partners

We pride ourselves on our referral network and the willingness for our community to forward us new clients. Without our partners, colleagues, friends and network we would not be here today. Companies and individuals in various industries of all sizes use WebSetGo as their web partner. ISPs, IT companies, printers, photographers, designers and other web companies rely on WebSetGo to provide solutions for their clients that reside outside their core business.

The benefits of becoming a WebSetGo partner include:

  • Reliability High-quality web solutions, delivered on time and within budget
  • Affordability Excellent value for money, simple price format and capped project fees
  • Versatility We have a great range of solutions and added services to fulfil all requirements
  • Flexibility We can communicate directly with your clients or quietly behind your business
  • Reward We offer a generous reward for every new client referred
  • Discount We offer a discount to accept resellers

As with everything, there are conditions to our partnership program and any reward or discount is based on our reduced workload. That way we don’t have to worry as much about the clients and can focus completely on creating a fantastic website.

WebSetGo Partner Program

Our Partner Program is divided into two main areas – Affiliates and Resellers


An Affiliate is a organisation or individual who is familiar with the quality of our work and high level of service we provide. They reliably refers us to their clients, friends and associates. WebSetGo known to the end-client and Affiliate attends some or all client meetings. We work closely with all new Affiliates to ensure they are familiar with the products and services we offer. We like our Affiliate to assist ensuring communication flows well as the project unfolds. We offer our Affiliates a reward for every new client, based on the size of the first project and is paid once the project is complete and paid on time.


An approved Reseller rebrands WebSetGo products and services and liaises entirely with the end client throughout the project. The end client is generally unaware WebSetGo is involved and our work is unbranded. A flat discount to most WebSetGo products and services as the Reseller is performing all client contact, account management and account collection. A further rebate is offered once work is completed and paid on time.

If you are interested in becoming a WebSetGo Affiliate or Reseller, please contact us today.

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