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Selecting a web designer is an important step. You may not realise now however, building a website is not a once off purchase. Putting together is more like putting together a business and marketing plan and it’s important not to underestimate the job. You will be looking to your web designer to provide a lot more than technical know how.

Secondly, you may think that once completing your website your project is over. The truth is that you are actually only halfway to your goal. It takes another six to twelve months to reach your target and you will need a web designer to partner your journey.

How to choose a good web designer

We have put together a few hot topics to ask yourself and any prospective web designer. It’s not always obvious what you should look for when choosing a new designer and we hope that these few points assist with making the right choice.

Reliability & Longevity

Portfolio & Suitability

Cooperative & Professional

Requirements & Budget

Size & Resources


We are confident that our creativity, experience, quality, professionalism and versatility will stand up to scrutiny. We’ve listed some of our competitors below. Take a look and feel free to ask as many question as you wish and decide on your next partnership.

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